An Introduction

Last season was very different from anything Cannonsburg skiers and riders were familiar with. With new ownership came a drastic facelift.

We invested millions of dollars in a new snow-making system to make sure if mother nature let us down, we could still cover the hill.

We updated our website to showcase all Cannonsburg has to offer.

We cleared new runs and installed new lifts to give every single person that calls Cannonsburg “home” options.

We renovated The Shop to create an amazing retail experience for skiers, snowboarders and winter enthusiasts.

We put a new computer system in place to make pass processing, sales and all the behind the scenes things easier.

We revamped everything you’ve known about Cannonsburg.

Despite all of these amazing improvements, we kept hitting snags. The temperatures wouldn’t drop low enough for us to make snow. Then the website crashed due to an amazing amount of traffic… then the rope tows weren’t working properly! It all came to a head when the computer system wasn’t up to par on our first really busy day.

We could make excuses for all of that, but that’s not how we do things. We knew completely revamping Cannonsburg wasn’t going to be an easy task, but we could never have anticipated just how hard it would really be.

We worked out the bugs, though. We finally got the hill covered in a deep base with lifts to service all those runs… and got everyone’s season passes printed!

We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we worked out those bugs to make the best possible Cannonsburg for everyone.

 We are beyond excited for this season. Check this blog every so often for updates on just about anything going here!