Shredtoberfest 2012

Two of Cannonsburg’s riders hanging out Friday night

October 26-27 was Shredtoberfest 2012. This was our second year having a pre-season event, but our first year hosting a pre-season rail jam. Friday night, a ton of people came out to watch amazing ski/snowboard videos, drink beer, and my favorite… watch some familiar Cannonsburg faces rocking some tribal hair/makeup. It was so great to see the lodge filled with people who are just as excited about winter as us.

This didn’t prepare us for Saturday.

Park designer/marketing manager Marc Moline takes the first hit on the Shredtoberfest course

We watched the numbers for the event skyrocket on Facebook. We were stoked on 50, which became 200, and by the day of the event we were at 650. We’ve never had as much pre-hype for an event as we did Shredtoberfest. Participants for the Tricks for Treats Rail Jam were lined up before the event even began! We estimate nearly 1,000 people made it out the event. We’re happy to call it a success, and cannot wait for next season.

Tricks for Treats winners

Here are your results:
1st Place Girl: Theresa Kewley
2nd Place Girl: Meghan Bolland

Best Grom Skier: Ashton Hayes

Best Trick: John Gardner

2nd Place Ski: Bryan DePauw
1st Place Ski: Evan Boonenberg

Grom Snowboard:

3rd Place Snowboard: Brandon Kirkland
2nd Place Snowboard: Jake Visser
1st Place Snowboard: Dominic Palarchio

Friday Night Photos

Saturday Photos


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