The Monster City Park at Cannonsburg

Cannonsburg has partnered up with Monster Energy to create a beast of a park.

Last year we took an underutilized area, put in two rope-tows servicing two separate terrain parks – an intermediate-level progression style park – “The Projects”, and a street-influenced advanced level park – “The City Park.” We started seeing photos and edits of skiers and riders in the park… “wow” didn’t even begin to cover it. The City Park turned into a showcase of the level of talent we have here at Cannonsburg.

Early this fall, Monster approached Cannonsburg with one goal: Let us get more involved. We weren’t sure how to do this… until they asked if they could sponsor the build-out of an entire park. An estimated $50,000 investment from both Monster and Cannonsburg means our biggest park build-out yet with some of the most creative features we’ve ever designed.

This season, we’re constructing nearly a dozen features for this park, and next season about half a dozen.

The park will be filled with urban features similar to what you’d see around the city… but with more snow, a rope tow instead of a banshee bungee, and no trespassing tickets.

Check out the course drawings we’ve put together, share them on Facebook, let us know what you think, then keep an eye out for the park opening date/party.

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