2012-2013 updates

For the past two years, Cannonsburg has been all about updates. Last season, we made huge investments all across the hill including a renovated and improved snow-making system, expanded terrain for skiers and snowboarders, and way too many other things to list. We’ve really enjoyed getting feedback from skiers and riders about all of our efforts, so we decided to continue it this season.

Our brand new Prinoth Bison X Snowcat!

Our brand new Prinoth Bison X Snowcat!

Yesterday, we got one of our new Prinoth Bison X snowcats on-site. We previewed them at Shredtoberfest, but now it’s actually here! This particular snowcat has amazing park-grooming capabilities AND can maintain groomed runs. This futuristic looking snowcat is very much the future of hill maintenance and terrain park grooming due to its agility and versatility… plus we hear it’s got a really, really good stereo.
One of the major projects we’ve taken on is expanding leisurely ski and ride terrain along with freestyle terrain. We created runs in the previously unused area between midrope and the triple as well as removing tubing to create two new terrain parks.


Our adult race leagues for those 21+ are getting a huge face lift this season. If you’re not quite an Olympic skier, don’t worry. Race League director John Losey has created a three-tier system for all levels of skiers and snowboarders so no one gets left in the dust. Keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks about the huge changes for race leagues. We’re excited!

This season, we are ecstatic to re-open the triple. Little snowfall combined with maintenance and upgrades forced us to decommission it for the 2011-12 season.
…and we filled the potholes!!!

Terrain Park Updates
As expected, we’re expanding our terrain park feature options even more. We’ve got a team working every single day on expanding our park features and making sure the old ones are up to our high standard. They’re the best in the business with their design, welding, fabrication, and painting skills.
The new Monster City Park will tentatively host some old and familiar features, plus these brand new ones:

16’ Stair Set
• 16’x6” Round Down Rail
16’ Ledge w/ Hubbas
• 24’ Stair Set
• 24’x6” Round Down Rail 24’x6”
• Down Ledge
Gate Rail
Chain Stall
10’ Closeout
20’ Closeout

Our signature feature list is growing, too!
Burton Aberdeen Rail
Oakley Trap Ledge
• Rome SDS Hubba Ledge

We decided to take the City theme one step further and throw in some junkyard features:
• Two 4’ Diameter Culverts
• Two 3’ Diameter Half Tubes
• 20’ Jersey Barrier
• 10’ Jersey Barrier

Some other normal features we’re building out:
24’x6” Y-Rail / Double Elbow
• 16’ Cannon Rail
• Merry-Go-Round
We have a few more features we’re building during the season that we’re going to keep secret for a little bit. Stay tuned!
We are just about out of room to create any more terrain parks, but we LOVE switching out features and keeping our parks fresh, challenging, and exciting. Our goal is to rotate all of these features through parks like Progression and The Projects as frequently as possible.

At Cannonsburg, we LOVE feedback. We want to hear what you think, what you want to see, what you don’t want to see, tell us about your cat… whatever is on your mind. Send us a message or leave a comment on Facebook, tweet us, or shoot us an email.


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