Conditions, Racing, Thursday Night Sessions and the US Air Bag

We’ve got so much going on at Cannonsburg for everyone right now. High School Racing started last night, Adult race leagues start tonight, we’ve got Thursday Night Sessions beginning tomorrow and the US Air Bag will be on-site Friday through Sunday!

We’ve received a lot of questions about the upcoming warm weather and how this will affect operations at Cannonsburg.
We wanted to debunk a few myths and clear the air!
Blog ForecastWhile there is warm weather heading our way, it is nothing that will affect operations. Based on the current forecast, the worst weather will be early Friday morning. After that, a mild Saturday will be followed by normal winter temps allowing for snowmaking. What this means for our skiers and riders is Friday morning might not be the best, but this weekend will be amazing with spring-like temps and excellent conditions.
The cold temps next week will allow us to blow more snow and not only get our jumpline up, but finish building out the rest of our terrain parks!  

IMG_1065Racing is in full effect for the season. High school racers were dominating Face last night on the Giant Slalom courses at max speeds. We love watching the racers and the community they have here at Cannonsburg! High School racing happens every Tuesday beginning at 4:30pm. Parents and friends are invited to hang out and watch racing every week. Their season ends February 7th.

Also beginning this week are Adult Race Leagues. The race league is a favorite for the 21+ crowd at Cannonsburg. Grab your skis or snowboards, pick your level of seriousness and come out for a guaranteed good time. Race Director John Losey loves the race league for its fun spirit and relaxed atmosphere. He points out while it is about the racing, it’s more about taking a break from work, school and life and coming out for a night of fun. It’s not too late to register! Check here for more information and stop into the main office to sign up!

Thursday Night Sessions
The Thursday night event series has become a favorite among riders at Cannonsburg.

Thursday-Night-Sessions_Poster11x17_RevThese mellow sessions are all about progressing and pushing yourself and your friends. Thursdays don’t fall into the “Contest” category, though we do give out some worthwhile prizing which we call as we see. Sometimes we’ll give prizing for a great trick, sometimes we’ll give it for the worst crash. Just depends, either way it’s all about having a good time.
Cannonsburg riders Logan Jamison and Harrison McIlhargey agreed the best part of TNS’s are the wings and the awesome vibes.
Oh yeah! Thursday nights $.50 wings and $2 pints are available afterwards in the Cedar Lounge. Cannonsburg is definitely the place to be on Thursday nights!

US Air Bag
For the first time ever, the US Air Bag will be at Cannonsburg. For those unfamiliar, here’s some info about the air bag. Basically, we build a large jump (14′ with a 45° trajectory) aimed at a massive air bag. The air bag is tough and resistant to the sharp edges on skis and snowboards. Riders can hit this jump and test out tricks, spins, double corks, triple back flips, whatever they want, without having to be as concerned about landing. Choose 3, 10 or 25 jumps with prices varying based on the number of jumps. This is a great learning opportunity and even if you’re not jumping it will be a great viewing experience.

We are approaching the most prime part of the season. Our parks will be completely built out soon, all of our clubs and groups are hitting the hill and every day, the conditions get better and better at Cannonsburg. Don’t miss out this season! Be sure to come take advantage of our amazing deals, great conditions, delicious food and an overall amazing winter experience!

Check out some of our favorite photos from the last few days at Cannonsburg!


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