Finally Welcoming Winter

After a dramatic warm-up, temps have dropped bringing winter back to Cannonsburg. We’ve re-established a massive base which is allowing us to open two of our most loved Cannonsburg staples – the Triple and the Cannon Park.
Last season, the Triple chair remained closed. Extremely mild temps forced us to focus snow-making on all of the main runs which did not give us an opportunity to make snow on Triple.

We are looking at Friday night or Saturday morning as the opening time for Triple. We currently have “whalebacks” – massive mounds of snow – that need to be leveled out and groomed to fully open Triple.

jumplineThursday (1/24) we will be speed-testing our jumpline. If everything is perfect, we will be opening the Cannon Park on Thursday. If we have any tweaks to make, we will likely open it Friday.
We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work around the clock to make snow. Both of these assets require a great deal of snowmaking and grooming.

We look forward to being 100% open and seeing everyone enjoying the Triple and the Cannon Park!


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