#MyCannonsburg Photo Contest

We’ve made a huge effort to redefine Cannonsburg and make it a place for everyone. We launched our #MyCannonsburg campaign earlier in the season encouraging everyone to start tagging their social media posts with #MyCannonsburg so we can experience Cannonsburg with each and every person who comes out.

We love seeing the experience people have and how they make Cannonsburg their own. After our skiers and riders started tagging more and more, we realized #MyCannonsburg had some potential.

We wanted to take it a step further than just tagging. We decided to make a photo contest. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a professional Instagram-er, submit your best original shots to Cannonsburg for a chance to win. Every week, we’ll post some favorites on Facebook!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Rules: Keep it clean, make sure Cannonsburg is involved in some way, and try and show what Cannonsburg means to you. The more creative, the better! (MyCannonsburg can be all lowercase, all uppercase, a little of both… whatever fits your fancy.) Submit as many photos as you like.

The deadline for submissions is March 3rd. After that, a panel of judges will select their favorites. We’ll post those in an album on Facebook for public voting. We’ll pick winners in a few different categories and award prizing from Cannonsburg and our sponsors!

How to submit:
Instagram: Simply tag your photo with #MyCannonsburg
Facebook: Post your photo on our wall with #MyCannonsburg in the description
Email: Send an email to contest@cannonsburg.com with the subject line #MyCannonsburg

We look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions!


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