Creek to Peak Challenge Run – Spring Edition

As sad as we are to say it, the winter season has come to an end. Now, it’s time to start thinking summer. We’ve got an impressive summer schedule with the first event coming up this weekend. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what Creek to Peak is and to be honest, it’s hard to explain without pictures.

Creek to Peak is a challenge run meant for all ages and abilities to get outside, get active and have fun. This Saturday, March 30th, competitors will embark on a 5k course (just over three miles) where they encounter snow-themed obstacles. These features range from wall-climbs to tire runs to rope courses. There are two levels, competitive and non-competitive.

Event organizer Matt Schmucker assures that the features are made for all sizes and shapes, and competitors can always opt out of obstacles. He also encourages individuals to grab friends and compete as a team.

This three-part event series is a great way to get moving again and have fun outdoors with friends. We hope you’ll join us on our venture into the spring and summer. Check out some photos of Cannonsburg employees testing out the course!


#MyCannonsburg Photo Contest

We’ve made a huge effort to redefine Cannonsburg and make it a place for everyone. We launched our #MyCannonsburg campaign earlier in the season encouraging everyone to start tagging their social media posts with #MyCannonsburg so we can experience Cannonsburg with each and every person who comes out.

We love seeing the experience people have and how they make Cannonsburg their own. After our skiers and riders started tagging more and more, we realized #MyCannonsburg had some potential.

We wanted to take it a step further than just tagging. We decided to make a photo contest. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a professional Instagram-er, submit your best original shots to Cannonsburg for a chance to win. Every week, we’ll post some favorites on Facebook!

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Rules: Keep it clean, make sure Cannonsburg is involved in some way, and try and show what Cannonsburg means to you. The more creative, the better! (MyCannonsburg can be all lowercase, all uppercase, a little of both… whatever fits your fancy.) Submit as many photos as you like.

The deadline for submissions is March 3rd. After that, a panel of judges will select their favorites. We’ll post those in an album on Facebook for public voting. We’ll pick winners in a few different categories and award prizing from Cannonsburg and our sponsors!

How to submit:
Instagram: Simply tag your photo with #MyCannonsburg
Facebook: Post your photo on our wall with #MyCannonsburg in the description
Email: Send an email to with the subject line #MyCannonsburg

We look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions!

Postponing Pre-Jib & Opening Updates

Last season, we were devastated to postpone the Rome Premature Jibulation from December 3rd to December 10th. This year, we would love having that problem!
We’ve already addressed the problems weather has caused with snowmaking. Sadly things haven’t gotten better… in fact, rain and extreme warm-ups have stunted our opening even more. Our resident weatherman/ski school director John Losey believes the last time we had weather patterns like these were in the late 1980’s!

We were able to blow snow the night of December 10. At 10pm, temps finally hit 28°. Kelly Bennett wrapped up interviewing with the Fox17 and announced it was time to start making snow. The first gun fired at the top of Quad, and within ten minutes every gun on the hill was going. We made a decent base, but temps were too warm to get the guns going full blast.

Temps began rising during the week, and the weekend brought heavy rain activity to Grand Rapids. While much of the snow has melted off, large piles in all the right places remain!

Pre-Jib was originally scheduled for December 15th. After seeing the downpour all day Saturday, we were content with the decision to postpone Pre-Jib. In looking forward at the forecast, we see only one snowmaking opportunity this coming Friday. This wouldn’t give us enough time to blow snow AND build a respectable park set-up by December 22. We consulted with Rome about postponing the event again and agreed it would be the right thing to do.

There are amazing snowmaking opportunities this weekend and into next week. You heard it here first: We are planning on December 26 being our opening day.
Pre-jib is set for December 29
. With the additional snow we should be able to make, we’re planning on adding more features to the set-up. This event will NOT be one to miss. We’ve got several Rome Riders making appearances such as Marie Hucal, Cameron Strand, Tommy Young, Jacob Visser, plus several AM Army riders will be judging. The prizing is insane, the vibe is always the best and many riders said it was their favorite event last season. Check out the event page!

forecastTemps in the low-20’s are AMAZING for snowmaking and exactly the kind of break we need in order to get open on several hills and create the kind of park set-up we envision for Pre-jib. If you know Cannonsburg, you know that we never do things halfway. We aim to create the best local experience possible, providing the best terrain, best parks and best vibe in Michigan.

We thank all of you for your patience and understanding. We’re all hoping for a white christmas and a great ski & ride season.

Rome Premature Jibulation 2012

It’s back! For the second year in a row, Rome Snowboards will  be kicking off the event calendar on December 22nd with the Rome Premature Jibulation!
Last year, Cannonsburg had THE biggest Pre-jib in the country with over 225 participants. This year we want it to be even bigger.
Due to poor weather conditions, Pre-Jib was pushed back from the 15th. An extensive course build out is planned, and as most of you know, we don’t like to do anything halfway. The course design for Pre-Jib is at the bottom of this post.
Rome has majorly upped the prizes this year. The overall first place rider will walk away with a new Rome board, bindings, boots AND a season pass to Cannonsburg. Second place will score a board and bindings, third place gets some boots and a backpack.
Rome will also be hosting “Cash for Tricks” – a pretty awesome way to get some extra money. Do the best trick on a feature, get a $100 bill. Pretty simple!
Time to brush off your board, tie up your boots and get in full-on winter mode!

Check out last year’s edit for a little reminder of how awesome it was:

Check out the facebook event here, let us know if you’re coming

Who: Cannonsburg Ski Area & You
What: Rome Premature Jibulation
When: December 22nd
Noon, Registration begins at 10
Where: Cannonsburg Showtime Park
Why: To get you stoked for the season, to put some money in your pocket and the chance to win a new setup… do you even have to ask?!?

Shredtoberfest 2012

Two of Cannonsburg’s riders hanging out Friday night

October 26-27 was Shredtoberfest 2012. This was our second year having a pre-season event, but our first year hosting a pre-season rail jam. Friday night, a ton of people came out to watch amazing ski/snowboard videos, drink beer, and my favorite… watch some familiar Cannonsburg faces rocking some tribal hair/makeup. It was so great to see the lodge filled with people who are just as excited about winter as us.

This didn’t prepare us for Saturday.

Park designer/marketing manager Marc Moline takes the first hit on the Shredtoberfest course

We watched the numbers for the event skyrocket on Facebook. We were stoked on 50, which became 200, and by the day of the event we were at 650. We’ve never had as much pre-hype for an event as we did Shredtoberfest. Participants for the Tricks for Treats Rail Jam were lined up before the event even began! We estimate nearly 1,000 people made it out the event. We’re happy to call it a success, and cannot wait for next season.

Tricks for Treats winners

Here are your results:
1st Place Girl: Theresa Kewley
2nd Place Girl: Meghan Bolland

Best Grom Skier: Ashton Hayes

Best Trick: John Gardner

2nd Place Ski: Bryan DePauw
1st Place Ski: Evan Boonenberg

Grom Snowboard:

3rd Place Snowboard: Brandon Kirkland
2nd Place Snowboard: Jake Visser
1st Place Snowboard: Dominic Palarchio

Friday Night Photos

Saturday Photos