Let’s talk about weather


8-day forecast courtesy of WoodTV8

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about why we aren’t blowing snow yet, and here’s why…

We’re just going to say it… the weather is terrible!

There was one night this week where temperatures were cold enough to blow snow, however the daytime highs were so warm, the snow would have melted within a few hours!

In Grand Rapids, we have a pretty big disadvantage when it comes to making snow. Right now, Lake Michigan is VERY warm at 46°. Those warm lake temperatures are making the air temps higher than normal. This is called “insulating.”

The bad thing about this kind of weather is we have to wait longer for cold temps. Ski hills near Detroit and up north are far away from the lake and don’t have to deal with insulation as much, PLUS they have less humidity and colder air temps.

The good thing about insulation is when it gets cold, it gets REALLY cold and it stays really cold. Lake Michigan brings Cannonsburg all of that wonderful lake effect snow, which we need!

We keep our eyes open for ANY possible snowmaking opportunities, but we have to make sure that if we make snow it will last long enough to be ridden.

Be patient with us!